Passione Ricamo Fairy Mystery SAL

I was very excited when I discovered the Passione Ricamo Fairy Mystery SAL. But then I discovered that the sign up was closed, and I could not participate. I thought it was a nice way to try a Passione Ricamo pattern, which is something I have thought about for a while. Last week I discovered that PR had opened up registration for “latecomers”, so I signed up at once. I don’t know how long this will be available, I cannot find any information about that on the site, so if you are interested you should act quickly. The price is 12 € for the whole pattern, which is paid in full upon signup via PayPal. This equals 1 €/month which I think is very cheap. Today I ordered all the materials for the pattern, so that I can start stitching soon. I am really looking forward to how this will end up.

Edit January 6th: I have now discovered that the registration is closed.