PR Mystery SAL update, January 6th

A couple of days before Christmas I finally finished gridding my fabric for the Passione Ricamo Mystery SAL. I also started stitching a little bit before I remembered to take a picture of the project before I begin. This image was taken on December 23rd.

Progress, December 23rd

The fabric is gridded and ready for the first stitches.

I have now stitched quite a lot over the holidays and I am quite happy with my progress. I have finished page 1, most of page 2 and a little bit of pages 3, 5 and 6. I have not started on the border yet, but I want to wait a little bit with that. It is more fun to see the picture emerge. There is currently only sky, but I am looking forward to starting the actual fairy.

Progress, January 6th

Progress on the fairy on January 6th.