Glendon Place Amazing Desserts SAL 2015 – April 15 Update

This is my start on the Baked Alaska by Glendon Place as of April 15, 2015. The picture is actually taken on April 19, but as I haven’t touched it since March 13, it doesn’t really matter.

I was enjoying stitching on this, but I had a period where I had lots of other commitments and I only stitched on a couple of small projects. I hope to get back to this soon.

Glendon Place Amazing Desserts Stitch Along 2015

I have looked at these designs before and when I discovered this stitch along (SAL) by xStitchHaven on Instagram I decided it was a good opportunity to start one. As a lot of stitchers my favourite colour is purple, so I considered stitching Plum Pudding, but I was more drawn towards Baked Alaska.

Glendon Place – Baked Alaska

If purple is my favourite colour, blue is a close second, and this pattern has lovely winter blues so maybe it is an expression of a desire for colder weather and snow. The weather here in Norway has been grey and dull with rain and temperatures around 0 °C so it is doesn’t feel like proper winter has arrived yet.

The suggested fabric is from Picture This Plus, so I decided it was easiest to order everything from them, so I ordered the chart, fabric, floss pack and embellishments before Christmas. I had received a notice that the package has been sent, but it was taking its time to arrive. The US Postal Service is a mystery to me, everything seems to stay in a facility for a week before it moves on, and then the package might get stuck in customs for a while. But suddenly, on January 13th, the package arrived in the mail, and I now have everything to start this project. The Dinky Dyes silks are really lovely, and I look forward to starting this piece.